Ethics and Practices

Responsible choice collection

By shopping our responsible collection items, you support our mission to lessen the damage the fashion industry poses on the environment. We are determined to continue designing and producing eco-friendly pieces as we believe that is the future of fashion!

We source our fabrics from only trustworthy suppliers that have a history of good work ethics, and eco friendly fabrics. The fabrics are 100% made from natural materials that means they will not pose an immediate threat to the environment either in the making of the item or after.

Fashion cycle

The natural fabrics are much easier to repair and will last much longer thus lengthening the fashion cycle. All our collections are produced in very small and limited quantities which allows us to have reduced unsold items!

All our unsold fabrics and items are either recycled or sold on Depop as we do not believe in throwing away garments to landfills where they have no chance to decompose. You can find us on Depop @goldieldn if you would like to shop our outlet pieces or samples at great discount and help us reduce fashion waste!

Reducing plastic waste!

We have fully changed our plastic poly bags to new compostable corn bags. Read more about it here.

We are even more excited to let you know that we have switched our mailing bags to 100% sustainable paper bags! Kite packaging is our current mailing bag supplier and their bags are fully recyclable, sustainably sourced and UK manufactured.

We are happy that our garments travel to you in an eco-way!

Transparency and ethics

We are currently using a family run business that produces our goods in an ethical way. To ensure that we have a written code of conduct that all our current and future suppliers follow so we can assure legal and ethical practices all throughout our business. We expect this code to be communicated clearly to our supplier’s teams and staff to ensure there’s is no malpractice. Suppliers that produce our goods must follow fully their respective countries laws, regulations, and rules.

  1. Factories must ensure that all the work is done voluntary and no forced labor is used when making our goods. Overtime hours have to be voluntary and can’t be forced on any employees. Suppliers cannot be involved in human trafficking, forced labor camps or prisons. There can absolutely be no slave labor used. Supplier cannot keep any original identity documents.
  2. No children under the age of 16 would manufacture our items or work in any way when producing our goods. All employees must verify their age before starting work, so no children slip through the cracks and everything is regulated and registered.
  3. There cannot be any discrimination when hiring, during employment or even after the employment is terminated ensuring all colleagues are threated with respect and equality.
  4. Supplier must ensure safe working conditions. Up to date fire escape plans and equipment are a must! Sanitary working conditions, clean drinking water and a clean, and adequate number of toilets must be provided for their employees whilst they are at work. Any working hazards must be eliminated which include, but are not limited to building safely, equipment safety and health safety!
  5. We support living wage! Our suppliers must ensure they are paying their employees a living wage for a full week of work without including any overtime work the employee might do. Regular work week should not be longer that 48 hours with one day off mandatory and the overtimes cannot add up to more than 65h during any 7-day period.
  6. Materials used in manufacturing our goods have to adhere to our quality and eco practices ensuring there is no items produced using incorrect fabric that does not adhere to our eco practices.
  7. We have a full right to inspect any of our suppliers or nominate a third party to inspect the business and their practices and if there’s any misconduct or non-compliance the contract can be immediately terminated.

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